Human Orrery

The Human Orrery is the latest addition to the grounds of Armagh Observatory and provides a unique investigation of planetary motion. It is also fun to use with the capacity to present fundamental ideas in astronomy, mathematics and space science to as wide an audience as possible.

Augmented Reality

Have you ever wanted to walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong? Have you ever wanted to wander between the planets in our solar system? With our new Augmented Reality capabilities, you can!

Meteorite Displays

At Armagh Observatory and Planetarium you can touch a real piece of ancient history; a real meteorite! Do you think you can tell the difference between a space rock and an earth rock?


The Astropark is a scale model of the Universe, brought down to Earth in a beautiful natural setting. As you journey through the park you will get to interact with a scale model of the Solar System. This model represents two different scales...


Just inside the Planetarium reception doors we have our Cosmic Coffee Dock! Pop in for an out of this world coffee and snack.

Weather Station

Our weather station within the grounds of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium has been keeping weather records for over 200 years! Our records have been used in research across the world...


We have on display in the Planetarium scale models of The Voyager Spacecraft, The Hubble Telescope as well as a model of the International Space Station. See the machines that explore our Universe up close!

Can't make it?

Take a virtual Tour of the Observatory and the Planetarium!