Research Personnel

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Dr. Apostolos Christou


Dr. Stefano Bagnulo


Dr. Gavin Ramsay


Prof. Gerry Doyle


Dr. Marc Sarzi

Head of Research

Prof. Jorick Vink



Dr. Galin Borisov

STFC Post-Doctoral Assistant

Dr. Erin Higgins

STFC Post-Doctoral Assistant

Dr. Maritza A. Lara-Lopez

STFC Post-Doctoral Assistant

Dr. Andreas Sander

Öpik Research Fellow

Graduate Students

Conor Byrne

Trinity College Dublin, PhD Student 

Rok Nezic

University College London, STFC PhD Student

Eliceth Rojas Montes

QUB, PhD Student

Lauren Doyle

Northumbria, STFC PhD Student

Kerem Osman Çubuk

QUB, PhD Student

Pablo Galan deAnta

QUB, PhD Student

Christopher Duffy

Warwick, STFC PhD Student

Edward Snowdon

QUB, STFC PhD Student

Gautham Sabhahit

QUB, PhD Student

Nived Vilangot Nhalil

QUB, PhD Student


Prof. Mark Bailey

AOP Emeritus Director

Prof. Gerry Doyle

AOP Emeritus Professor

Dr. John Butler

AOP Emeritus Research Fellow

Dr. Eric Houdebine

Université Paul Sabatier, France

Prof. John Landstreet

UWO Emeritus Professor, Canada

Dr. Aswin Sekhar

Observatoire de Paris, France

Dr. William Napier

Honorary Professor, Cardiff

Dr. Naslim Neelamkodan

UAE University, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Pilar Montañés Rodríguez

IAC, Spain

Dr. Emma Riley

Almac Diagnostics, Northern Ireland

Dr. Juie Shetye

New Mexico State University, USA

Hannah Dalgleish

University of Oxford