The following is a list of publications which have made use of the meteorological data from Armagh Observatory. The list is by date of publication. The links to text are currently only available internally - contact us if you would like to request a copy.

Lloyd, H.

Note on the meteorology of Ireland deduced from the observations made in the year 1851 under the direction of the Royal Irish Academy

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The Climate of Northern Ireland

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Seeing Stars - Two hundred years of astronomy in Armagh

A catalogue for an exhibition to commemorate the Bicentenary of Armagh Observatory, Armagh Observatory Special Publication, 102pp. 1990.

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Betts, N.L. 


in 'Soil and Environment: Northern Ireland', J.G Cruickshank (ed), Dept. Agric. NI, Belfast, 63-84. 1997.

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The destruction of the French warship Droits de l'Homme, 14 January 1797: The climatic background to a famous event in English naval history 

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Global Warming - Man or Nature 

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Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory from 1795 to 2001:

Volume 1 - Daily, Monthly and Annual Rainfall 1838 - 2001

Editors: Smyth, A., Montgomery, W.I., Favis-Mortlock, D. and Allen, S. 

Implications of Climate Change for Northern Ireland: Informing Strategy Development

The Stationery Office Bookshop. 2002.

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Harkin, D.W., O'Donnell, M., Butler, C.J., Blair, P.H., Hood, J.M., Barros D'Sa, A.A.B. 

Periods of low atmospheric pressure are associated with high abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture rates in Northern Ireland

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Hickey, K.R. 

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory:

Volume V - The Storm and Gale Chronology 1796-2002

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 5

García-Suárez, A.M., and Butler, C.J. 

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García-Suárez, A.M., Butler, C.J. and Morrow, B. 

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory:

Volume 4 - Daily, Monthly and Annual Soil Temperatures 1904-2002

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 4

T.J. Ansell, et al.

Daily mean sea level pressure reconstructions for the European - North Atlantic region for the period 1850-2003

Journal of Climate. 2005.

Butler, C.J., García-Suárez, A.M., Coughlin, A.D.S. and Cardwell, D. 

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory:

Vol 2 - Daily, Mean monthly, Seasonal and Annual, Maximum and Minimum Temperatures, 1844-2004

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 2

García-Suárez, A.M., Park, E., Butler, C.J., Hickey, K. and Grant, A.

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory:

Vol 3 - Meta-data, 1796-2003

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 3

Butler, C.J., Coughlin, A.D.S., Johnston, D.J., Cardwell, D. and Morrell, C. 

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory:

Vol 6 - Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Air Temperatures at Armagh Observatory from Series I (1796-1882) including the Dunsink Patch (1825-1833) and Series III (1844-1964)

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 6

Butler, C.J., Emerson, M., García-Suárez, A.M., Pallé, E. and Kelly, S.T. 

Meteorological Data recorded at Armagh Observatory from 1795 to 2004:

Volume 10 - Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Hours of Bright Sunshine 1880 - 2004

Armagh Observatory Climate Series Vol 10

Butler, C.J. 

Possible Observations of Noctilucent Clouds by Thomas Romney Robinson

Weather, Vol. 61, No 5, p 143-144. May 2006.

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Statistical Aspects of the North Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclones: Trends, Natural Variability, and Global Warming


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Report of the use of Armagh Observatory meteorological data - Total cloud amounts - in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded study on satellite remote sensing of vegetation seasonality in Ireland

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Its relevance to the occurrence of 19th century potato famines in Ireland and atmospheric warming in the 20th century

Proceedings of the Tyndall Symposium, Dublin. Royal Irish Academy and Environmental Protection Agency. September 2011.

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